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About Grandimpianti commercial Laundry Equipment




More than just Ironers !!!


Already well known for their flatwork ironers Grandimpianti have recently developed an outstanding new range of commercial washing machines and tumble dryers using groundbreaking water and energy saving technologies combined with Italian aesthetics and intuitive touchscreen control to produce a range of machines which have set new standards in commercial laundry equipment innovation and design.


Technology meets simplicity....with style


Touchscreen technology puts the control of your laundry at your fingertips , even when wearing gloves , the guido control will allow you to confidently utilise the built in technologies to improve efficiency and quality in your laundry operations while maintaining ease of use.

Featuring a patented weighing system the new range of washing machines automatically adjust water levels and detergent consumption to suit the size of the load.


Safety is not optional...its a priority


Low voltage control circuits (24v) and drain valve combine with built in additional redundancy of safety interlocks to give an extra level of safety and reliability.


Servicing made simple....cutting costs and hassle


Removable front panel gives easy access to drain valve , door lock , elements and major components making servicing and repairs fast and uncomplicated reducing down time and post warranty repair bills.


Silent Efficiency


Insulation of the tumble dryer drums and the addition of humidity sensors allow latent heat to be utilised in the later stages of drying reducing energy consumption and avoiding damage to fabrics.

In addition to the new range of machinery the Grandimianti classic range of industrial and commercial size flatwork ironers, tumble dryers and washing machines are available along with professional steam irons, vacuum suction tables and other finishing equipment providing you with a fully comprehensive range of machinery to suit all professional laundries.We are still selling the most popular 1metre ironer ever made the S100/25 !


Marine..Terestrial and special voltages available

The new range of equipment is also available in marine specification and offers many advantages for shipping and offshore applications including low voltage control circuits which increase safety and prevent damage to the appliances processors from electrical spikes associated with generator syncronization when ships require more power for their operations such as in the case of loading cargo or using bowthrusters.

Other marine advantages include watersaving and energysaving technologies reducing power consumption and water consumption onboard.Internal circuits protected by individual fuse on each circuit, important for protecting both the appliance circuitry and ships switchgear etc in the event of electrical fault. Technical documentation and support is also supplied ensuring servicing and repairs can be carried out by ship or rig engineers.

For further details , brochures and pricing please contact us.