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Quantum refers to the current model of controls Alliance is using on most of their vended and non-vended washers and dryers. Quantum consists of the user interface on the front of the machine, the computer in the machine and optional software and networking components that enhances the functionality of the system for the laundromat operator.  Quantum is more than a timer or selection buttons, it is an operational management system that can be left alone to operate like any other laundry machine control panel or can be customized in every way from multi-level pricing and marketing to precise utility management.


It is just plain easier to setup, audit and do maintenance on than any other machine. No one else has Windows based software IR programmable washers and dryers that are capable of doing what Quantum can do.  Quantum makes other systems look like toys; they sound great in the sales pitch but dissapoint when its time to do business. Can you imagine?  Washers and dryers hooked together like a computer system in in a busy office.   It really makes a lot of sense for a laundromat with so many pieces of equipment.  Not only is setting prices and specials easier and much faster, but gathering audit data on the whole store all at once removes the complexity and question of what your costs, expenses and individual machine status is.