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"We understand the importance of infection control, providing an un-rivalled 24hr callout repair service matched with the most reliable and economic machinery available in the UK market makes us your 1st choice for a care free laundry solution”

The provision of clean linen is a fundamental requirement of care.Incorrect handling, laundering and storage of linen can pose an infection hazard.

Requirements for laundering in house 

A laundry area designated for that purpose only, with seperate ventilation and a flow through system, so that dirty laundry can arrive through one door and be quickly decontaminated, before drying and removal to clean storage area.

An Industrial washing machine with sluice and hot wash cycles is required.These should be professionally installed and maintained with precautions to prevent contamination by them creating aerosols.

An industrial dryer should be used that is regularly maintained to dry all clothing and linen.

A regular service and maintenance inspection schedule should be maintained for the homes regulating body.

Apropriate personal protective clothing and eye protection should be available to all staff.

Hand decontamination facilities, including hand hygiene basin with lever taps and no plug or overflow, liquid soap and disposable paper towels.Hand decontamination solutions, e.g. alcohol hand gel, should be available along with a pedal operated clinical and domestic waste bin and first aid kit.

The laundering process

Washing at high temperatures above the normal domestic 40 degrees centigrade wash will allow the heat to disinfect wash.

All items should be processed in a cycle that reaches either 71 degrees centigrade for 3minutes or 65 degrees centigrade for 10 minutes.

Any heat liable clothes should be washed at as high a temperature as possible and a bleach disinfectant used.

Heavily soiled items should be washed in a cycle wich includes a sluice pre wash.

All washed items should then be dried imediately after washing in an industrial dryer. Laundered items should then be taken to a clean storage area.

Service contracts and repairs

GLE can supply a range of washing machines and tumble dryers to suit this purpose and also offer annual service contracts and also carry out repairs on a callout, labour and spare parts basis.

All our vans carry a large stock of spare parts for all the leading brands of laundry machines.