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Commercial Laundry Equipment Lease


At Guthrie Laundry Engineering we understand the importance of making correct decisions for your business, therefore we have teamed up with leasing experts Complete leasing solutions ltd who can offer various lease options to suit your buisness.  Whether you’re a sole trader with a small launderette, or the Managing Director of an international dry cleaning corporation, leasing your equipment has benefits.

Businesses across the UK, including 95% of FTSE 100 companies according to surveys carried out by the Finance & Leasing Association, regularly lease equipment.  It’s very easy to understand why when considering the benefits;

  • 100% Tax Efficient

Leasing with CLS, your rentals are 100% tax allowable against your pre-tax profits.  The total cost can be offset during the lease period, with your rentals deducted as a business expense.

  • Preserve Your Capital for More Profitable Uses

When put significant amounts of your hard earned capital into an outright purchase, when CLS can arrange a low regular payment?  Keep your money working for you and spread the cost of the equipment over it’s working life.

  • Simplify Your Budgeting and Forecasting

Leasing with CLS can provide you with a fixed and manageable monthly payment, no matter what current interest rates are at or economic turbulence.  Payments are also fixed term, protecting you from any increase in rates and equipment costs, and enabling accurate budgeting and cash flow projections.

  • Chose Equipment that Meets Your Requirements

Enhance your business’ future by leasing the right equipment for you, not limiting you to what your cash flow will allow you to purchase at the time.  Monthly payments allow you to focus on the most modern and productive equipment for your business.

  • Maintain your Existing Credit Lines

Your existing bank funding lines can be preserved and optimise the use of your commercial credit sources.  Since the funding is based on the value of the equipment itself, then no additional security is required.  Leasing with CLS leaves you free to increase your overdraft, or bank loans should your business require it.

  • Improve your Return on Investment

It is not ownership of the equipment that drives productivity and gains profit, it’s the use of the equipment.  Leasing the equipment with CLS pays for itself while being used through the additional productivity or cost savings generated.

  • Easily Upgrade to New Equipment

With frequent advances in technology, keeping up to date with your competitors can be a costly exercise.  Leasing with CLS gives you the flexibility to upgrade aging and obsolete equipment for new technologically advanced products.  The equipment can be returned at the end of the lease, avoiding costly disposal costs.

Contact Guthrie Laundry to see how affordable leasing can be.  And remember, in real terms you could be saving 25% on payments, as they’re deductible against your pre-tax profits!

Contact Guthrie Laundry Engineering for further information or CLS directly on the details below.


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